The people who will call The Gridiron home are those who are the backbone of our community. They work hard, often in the customer service, public service or manufacturing industries, or have retired from these professions. The Gridiron has taken the needs of the Ashwaubenon community to heart and is designed for:

      • Seniors
      • Young professionals
      • Cost-burdened families or individuals

What we know is that three industry types employ nearly 50 percent of Ashwaubenon’s residents: manufacturing, retail trade, and educational and health care services. These members of the workforce represent those who likely need affordable and accessible housing options like The Gridiron.

With Ashwaubenon’s population of residents 60 years and older growing, it isn’t surprising that residents at a community open house identified development of “senior housing with proximity to a grocery store and pharmacy” as a key opportunity for the village. Fortunately, The Gridiron can work alongside the Village of Ashwaubenon to help meet this need for accessible and affordable senior housing options for those looking for community without the upkeep of a single-family home.

Another key opportunity in Ashwaubenon, as identified by residents, was to “maintain affordable housing.” By bringing together the employees from the key industries mentioned, such as young professionals, cost-burdened families and individuals as well as seniors who may be on a fixed-income, The Gridiron will help meet all of these core needs identified by Ashwaubenon residents and conveyed through the Village’s Comprehensive Plan.

The Gridiron also helps to meet the Village of Ashwaubenon’s goal to strategically support infill projects that redevelop existing structures for mixed-use, multi-family housing. 

By re-purposing an aging assisted living facility left vacant in the village center, this project will bring revitalization and meet village goals for future development.

Content from Village of Ashwaubenon, Comprehensive Plan Update, “Planning Context,” 2016.