The Gridiron Neighborhood Meeting July 14, 2020, 5-7 p.m.

Join St. John’s in partnership with Hoffman Planning, Design, & Construction, Inc. for a Neighborhood Meeting for Ashwaubenon Village residents to learn more about The Gridiron mixed-use development. The meeting will take place on Tuesday, July 14, from 5-7 p.m. at the Ashwaubenon Village Hall, 2155 Holmgren Way.

At this meeting, you will hear about The Gridiron vision and development process for 2305 San Luis Place. Specifically, Hoffman Planning, Design, & Construction, Inc. will provide details on St. John’s proposal to remodel the building into 50+ affordable apartment units of varying sizes with supportive services and other potential mixed uses. The plan is to start construction in 2020 and complete the project in 2021. The Gridiron will also include a proposed rezoning to change the zoning district from B-3 Community Business to R-3 Multi-Family Residence to permit the building’s use as an apartment building.

This Neighborhood Meeting is the first step in the public process for review of The Gridiron and the requested zoning change. We look forward to seeing you, and thank you for your support of The Gridiron!

11 Replies to “The Gridiron Neighborhood Meeting July 14, 2020, 5-7 p.m.”

  1. 7/10/2020
    I am sorry that I will not be able to attend the meeting, however my question is Can I be put on the list for an apartment unit:

    Please advise.
    Thank You for your time.
    Judy Schroieder

    1. Hi Judy – We are not creating a formal wait list for The Gridiron just yet. We are taking names and contact information of those who are interested, and you will be contacted once there are details about when rental applications will begin to be accepted.

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