Investing in Futures

The Gridiron is designed to be a multi-family mixed-use development in the heart of Ashwaubenon just one mile from Lambeau Field. The mix of affordable multi-family living with commercial business makes this a unique self-sustaining innovation in community-focused living.

Our long-term business plan leverages a percentage of rental income for a resident investment program as well as investment in another future site, this model supports the future growth of socially inclusive housing as well as the future growth of those who call it home.

On-site staff help to support those tenants in need and to cultivate a culture of social connectedness. The central location of the Gridiron also brings an essential workforce to the businesses struggling to find employees.

This new model for housing, The Gridiron, is the unique nexus of housing, social connectedness and economy, strengthening the local economy while supporting the people who call Ashwaubenon home.

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