Community Innovation at The Gridiron

The term “Gridiron” takes us back to the early days of football and the true grit of the game. Just like those players, people in our community who are looking for community, social connection and an affordable place to call home have shown their perseverance, their grit and their love of our Green Bay community. The Gridiron is their place.

The Gridiron is an innovative solution to community needs. Outcomes of the Gridiron will include:

  • Improved housing stability.
  • Improved life satisfaction and social connectedness.
  • Increased civic engagement.
  • Affordable housing for seniors, young professionals and those experiencing  economic insecurity.
  • Decreased employee deficit experienced by local employers.

Those living at the Gridiron will enjoy contemporary amenities:

  • Joined independent and community living areas
  • Fitness center
  • Community garden
  • On-site employment opportunities
  • Opportunities for rent credits through investments of time and expertise

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